Poseidon Dive Center is open CoVID-19 travel regulations

For you as a diver.
We disinfect our equipment thoroughly after each dive, the air that is filled into the tanks is thermally treated, heated to a temperature of over 200°C so that no virus can survive in it. So the best solution is to go diving.

Poseidon Dive Center 123/7 Soi 13
Poseidon Dive Center 123/7 Soi 13

Our Dive Center Poseidon is still open at the moment and if nothing changes in the regulations and or on short notice, it will stay that way.

Travel regulations

Since March 11, 2020, the Kingdom of Thailand has prescribed monitoring and, in some cases, quarantine measures to combat the Sars CoV2 virus for all immigrants from third countries, regardless of their nationality. In addition, Thailand can oblige the airlines to have health certificates presented to them by passengers prior to departure.

Travelers from distribution areas such are comprehensively checked upon entry and have to agree to a complete control of their movements in Thailand and to record each of their movements and their state of health. The monitoring should usually be done via an app that records the movements of the traveler.

  • Review your travel plans critically
  • If you are already in Thailand, contact your tour operator or airline immediately and check your departure, including return options via third countries.
  • Please see our continuously updated information on COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Source: Auswärtiges Amt

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