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Sabine Vanhaelen


Sabine Vanhaelen Exceptional team, protecting nature, taking care of all the divers, giving a lot of information on environment and fauna and, first of all, in security… We will come back next year !! Thanks a lot for this exceptional…

Alexandre Vicq


Alexandre Vicq PARADISEIn addition to the magical dives on exceptional sites (Phi Phi, …) very experienced instructors are also highly involved in the preservation of marine fauna.On the logistical side, everything is provided (Thai meals, drinks).The team is charming and…

Matthias Rosch


Matthias Rosch Matthias Rosch: These guys are just amazing! The boat is very spacious and in good shape, they have good equipment and a great crew! These guys are just amazing! The boat is very spacious and in good shape,…

Charlie Rojo


Charlie Rojo Charlie Rojo: It was my first dive and definitely one of the best days of my life! Daniel Sasse is an amazing instructor and we saw plenty of fish in the local Islands. I would definitely recommend Poseidon…

Lara Vanessa


Lara Vanessa Lara Vanessa: Super Tauchschule/ Great Diving School, Great Organisation Diving teachers speak English very well (in case French or speak another Language you’ll probably get a diving teacher in your native language) – deutsche Übersetzung siehe unten. I…

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