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10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Cressi Nano Mask

Our list of the 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021 including a fitting and buying guide for a mask which also fits. Also good as Snorkeling Mask.

Scuba Diving masks have a few important features you need to know about.

A mask is an item of diving equipment that allows scuba divers, free-divers, and snorkelers to see clearly underwater. When the human eye is in direct contact with water as opposed to air, its normal environment, light entering the eye is refracted by a different angle and the eye is unable to focus the light.

By providing an air space in front of the eyes, which is done by the mask, light enters normally and the eye is able to focus correctly. As you can see on the video below.

PVC Rubber or Silicone skirt Mask?

You want to get a mask with a silicone skirt because it will seal much better than the pvc or rubber skirts. even better is the very smooth liquid silicone skirt.

Another advantage of the silicone masks is that they have no odor.

However the silicone skirt masks will be a bit more expensive but it is worth going for it.

10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Construction of a Scuba Diving Mask

Diving masks can have a single or double glass pane made of tempered safety glass. Silicone skirt lips to achieve a watertight seal with the diver’s face and a mask body made of a dimensionally stable material.

Some two-lens masks allow the user to swap out the existing lenses and replace prescription lenses. Some companies have these lenses in stock to use in certain masks. If the lenses have to be specially made, you can go to the optician with the mask and have it made there.

In the case of free diving masks, which must have a small volume in order to minimize the pressure change that occurs with depth, the lenses can be made of polycarbonate plastic.

All masks have an elastic strap to keep them in position.

Nose Pocket is important to prevent Mask-barotrauma (Mask Squeeze)

10 best scuba diving Masks

Diving masks must be constructed in such a way that the diver can exhale through the nose into the mask in order to compensate for the increasing pressure with increasing depth inside the mask in order to prevent mask barotrauma.

The nose pocket of the mask also needs to be flexible to allow the diver to perform an equalization maneuver such as the valsalva maneuver or the frenzel maneuver when equalizing pressure in the middle ear.

10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

One-way purge valve under the nose

Purge Valve Mask

Some masks have a one way purge valve under the nose to blow out any water that has entered. The diver simply holds the mask upright and exhales through the nose. While this feature is common in snorkeling, it is less preferred by divers as the valve may fail at depth and allow water to continually seep into the mask.

Mask Clearing underwater

A simple and effective method for clearing a diving mask while underwater is to look down, place a finger on the top of the frame at either side, and slowly look up while exhaling through the nose. The trick is not to blow out air through your mouth, but rather to exhale everything through your nose. The increased pressure created in the mask pushes the water outwards.

Mask Packages

Mask Snorkel Set

Sometimes masks are sold in conjunction with snorkels and / or flippers. Be careful: snorkel masks in sets are often of poor quality, they may not have real tempered safety glass but plastic glass and are often PVC or rubber skirt masks instead of Silicone and of poor built quality.

We have listed our choices with a decent quality of Mask Snorkel and Fin Sets here.

Mask fitting

Divers often test whether a mask is a good fit by placing it on their face, without using the straps, and gently inhaling through their nose. If the mask stays on without any help this indicates that no air is being drawn in and that the fit is good. But ultimately you only know once you wear a Mask inside the water.

Anti Fog

To prevent a mask from fogging up due to condensation on the glass plate many divers spit into the mask, wipe the spit around the inside of the plate and wash it out with a little water. There are commercial products that can be used as an alternative to the saliva method.

Refraction of light

Refraction and object sizes

Refraction of light entering the mask makes objects in water appear about 33% bigger and 25% closer when underwater.

As the diver descends, the water acts as a color filter eliminating the red end of the visible spectrum at around 5m depth, as the deeper you go the sunlight entering the water leaving only the blue end of the spectrum. at around 22m everything seems to be blue

Depending on the depth and clarity of the water, eventually all sunlight is blocked and the diver has to rely on artificial light sources to see underwater.

Prescription Lenses in Masks


Some two-lens masks allow the user to swap out the existing lenses and replace prescription lenses. Some companies have these glasses in stock to use in certain masks. If the glasses have to be specially made, you can go to the optician with the mask and have it made there.

Divers are able to use contact lenses inside the mask but they must keep their eyes closed if they remove or clear the mask underwater to avoid losing the contact lenses.

Mask removal and replacement is a basic skill that all divers are taught so that the diver can overcome floods or the mask being dislodged without panic.

Entering the water with Mask

When entering the water while wearing the mask, the diver needs to place a hand over the mask to disrupt fast water flow during entry. This prevents the mask from becoming dislodged or loosing it.

Alternatively, a diver can enter the water with the mask off and then put it on inside the water or use an entry method such as the “forward roll”, where the diver rolls forward with head entering the water first, which does not result in fast water flow over the mask. However it’s always a better idea to hold on to your mask when entering the water.

Cleaning and Storage of Masks

Mask Bag

Masks should always be rinsed inside and out with clean, fresh water after each day’s use, and dried off after washing.

A mask should not be stored in direct sunlight for long periods of time as ultraviolet light degrades the silicone. A well-maintained mask will last for many years.

Most Masks come with a hard Plastic Box but in case you’d like to have a better fit for you or your hard plastic container is broken there are alternatives like soft carry bags.

With a Snorkeling or Scuba Diving Mask you can see things like this.

Even better with a proper Snorkel!

After all this information it’s time to show you our list of the 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Number 10

of our 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Cressi Nano Mask low volume

Cressi Nano Mask

Cressi Frameless Adult Scuba Diving Mask:

  • Innovative mask for scuba diving and advanced freediving, designed to offer an extremely hydrodynamic and compact shape.
  • Cressi has developed this mask by innovating the technical design.
  • It is the mask on the market with the lowest internal volume (12.86 in2 | 83 cm2), an ideal requirement for freediving lovers.
  • Completely flexible, virtually indestructible buckle system.
  • Integrated Dual Frame Technology consists of the joining of two rigid frames producing a drastic reduction in the internal volume.
  • Mask features inclined and inverted tear-drop lenses for improve downward visibility.

Number 9

of our 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Mares X-Vision Mask

Mares X-Vision golden lens
  • The central position of the eyes and the optimally angled windows provide the widest possible viewing angle in every direction.
  • Minimal internal volume and exceptionally light weight, at just 190g.
  • The ergonomic quick-adjusting buckles, positioned directly on the skirt, afford superior comfort and hydrodynamics during the dive, as well as improving the adherence of the skirt to the face.
  • In addition, this technical solution makes it easier to store the mask inside a pocket of the BC. Includes Mask Box.

Number 8

of our 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive Mask

Scubapro Spectra Mask
  • Ultra-clear dual lens design is low volume for easy clearing plus offers maximum field of view.
  • Lenses are made from tempered glass for safety and long-term durability.
  • Push-button buckles that attach to the skirt adjust easily to achieve a perfect fit.
  • Mirrored lens option delivers a glare-free view of the underwater world.
  • Note: Painted finish may be damaged if cleaned with abrasive products.

Number 7

of our 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Scubapro Frameless Mask

Scubapro Frameless Mask
  • Single-lens mask featuring a unique assembly of lens and skirt without a frame.
  • Original unique design for unbeatable comfort and fit and classic robust quality.
  • Buckles positioned on exterior of mask body for convenience and comfort.
  • Reduced weight, size and volume makes clearing water easy.

Number 6

of our 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Atomic Aquatics Venom ARC (Anti-Reflective Coating) Mask

Atomic Aquatics Venom ARC (Anti-Reflective Coating) Mask
  • Ultra-wide Panoramic-view
  • Integrated Easy-Adjust Swivel Buckles
  • Gummi Bear UltraSoft silicone creates an incredibly soft and comfortable face seal Single lens design
  • Reinforcing internal frame molded beneath the silicone rubber skirt

Number 5

of our 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Seac Italia Mask

SEAC Italia Mask tinted lens
  • Frame: polycarbonate with chromed metal closing inserts and stainless steel screws
  • Skirt: comfort silicone of differentiated thickness with large textured surfaces
  • Strap: liquid silicone
  • Lens: ultra clear tempered optical glass 3 mm thick
  • Optical lenses are available: -1.0 to 6.0

Number 4

of our 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Hollis M1 Frameless Scuba Mask

Hollis M1 Mask
  • Frameless 100% pure silicon skirt
  • Saint-Gobain Diamant – Crystal Clear Lens
  • Wide vision and low volume

Number 3

of our 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

SCUBAPRO Synergy 2 TruFit Mirrored Mask

SCUBAPRO Synergy 2 TruFit Mirrored Single Lens Mask
  • The silicone outer-skirt is thicker and firmer with a matte finish near mask frame providing needed support rigidity.
  • The silicone contouring the face is thinner, giving a softer feeling, for a truly unique fit and seal
  • Trufit Technology can be identified by its unique ribbing texture Ultra Clear lens

Number 2

of our 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Cressi Big Eyes Evolution

Cressi Big Eyes
  • This revolutionary mask is made of High Seal Silicone, a material that offers unprecedented comfort and a perfect seal ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, and freediving.
  • The raked lenses, with their inverted drop shape (Cressi patent), are quite small and are inclined as close to the eyes as possible to improve the downward visibility.
  • The buckles are mounted not on the skirt structure, but on an indestructible element that allows the buckle to tilt and turn.
  • The Integrated Dual Frame is a technology that consists of the joining of two rigid frames producing a drastic reduction in the internal volume.
  • The thickness of the frame has been reduced

Number 1

of our 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Cressi Superocchio

Cressi Superocchio

This is also my personal favorite of my 10 best scuba diving Masks which I also wear since the very beginning of my diving career.

  • The Superocchio is a low-volume mask ideal for scuba divers and freedivers.
  • The skirt is made of soft silicone that adapts easily to various face shapes ensuring a perfect seal.
  • The skirt is joint at the rigid frame made in durable techno-polymer.
  • The two lenses are made of tempered glass.
  • The nose pocket is soft and easy-to-reach ensuring an easy equalization with two fingers.
  • The buckles are fixed to the frame and with a simple pressure is possible to easily adjust the length strap.
  • Affordable Price
  • Very robust
  • Lightweight
  • Low Volume Mask

Additional Equipment

for our 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021 List

Full Face Snorkeling Mask

If you have some problems with water in your face or difficulty breathing through a Snorkel. this might be an alternative for you!

DIVELUX Snorkel Mask Full face
  • 180° PANORAMIC VIEWING. A new full face design lets you see absolutely everything around you when diving. Our snorkeling gear provides the fullest visibility for an impressive diving experience.
  • BREATH NATURALLY UNDER WATER. The specially made full face snorkel mask lets you breathe with your nose and mouth. Forget about the discomfort, and enjoy the dive, breathing absolutely naturally. No special preparation and skills are needed. Everyone can dive using our diving mask. The best diving mask available in 3 sizes: S/M and L/XL – for adults and XS – for kids.
  • THE BEST CONSTRUCTION. The full face snorkel mask doesn’t sweat or leak – clear visibility is guaranteed under any condition. The silicone fits your face snugly but softly and guarantees full water resistance. The pipe doesn’t let water in, and the longer pipe construction (more than 10ft deep) is more comfortable. The breathing mask is made of a high-quality polycarbonate plastic and hypoallergenic liquid silicone – safety and durability are guaranteed.
  • BONUSES. We’ve added a universal protective waterproof phone case to the best snorkel gear from DIVELUX. A stylish and reliable accessory which will protect your phone from water when diving. Plus, we give you an e-Book: “Top places for diving in the USA”.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED. The mask is made of a high-quality polycarbonate plastic and hypoallergenic liquid silicone for safety and durability. The Dry Snorkel Technology prevents all water from entering the breathing tube and mask. A 30-day warranty is provided. In case of highly unlikely dissatisfaction of the product, we guarantee product replacement or full refund. We provide friendly and helpful customer service.

We have a whole section dedicated to this kind of Masks follow this Link.

Mask Band

10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Mask Band Black
  • We don’t throw our old wetsuits away we recycle them to upcycled mask bands. Available in Black Red and Green.
  • Upcycled Mask band are not Mask straps but go over your existing Maskstrap and can protect your hair or for a more comfortable wearing of the mask strap.

Anti Fog

10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

Anti Fog
  • Long Lasting ,
  • Non-toxic Formula
  • 200+ pumps per bottle
  • All natural ingredients
  • Works on glass and plastic
  • Use for wet or dry applications

Mask Bag

Mask Bag
  • Package length: 25.9 cm
  • Package width: 8.0 cm
  • Package height: 18.7 cm

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This was our list of the 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks in 2021! I hope you enjoyed it and if you did so and don’t want miss any of my other Equipment guides sign up for the Newsletter here

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10 Best Scuba Diving Masks 2021

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