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Dive Boat

Have a look at our Poseidon Dive Center Boat, its a relaxing and comfortable Boat with lots of space kitchen, shower, toilette, shade and a large seating area.

Our relaxing Dive Vessel

Scuba Divers and Snorkelers are on our Boat. She is 23m long and 5m wide and was completely refurbished in 2018. There is a kitchen area, lots of space for you to enjoy the relaxation time before and after diving. Shower and Toilette are also available.

Updated regulations for Covid-19 Scuba Diving

The Boat is usually restricted to a max of 50 customers +4 staff but during these unfortunate times we are cutting capacity to less than 75% which will be a max of 28 customers +8 staff to maintain the social distancing guidelines.

The rental equipment will be disinfected after each dive Day.
It is suggested to bring your own mask and mouthpiece.
New mouthpieces and or masks can be provided for an additional cost. Disinfected rental mask are still available.
Our staff has been specially trained in disinfecting and washing the Equipment.
Customers with their own equipment will be responsible for the cleaning of their own equipment.

Due to the Covid-19 there will also be hand sanitizers on board as well as the complete Boat will be sterilized after a day of diving. as will be our rental equipment.

Have look at our Underwater Pictures

Interested to join us as a Marine Life Conservation Volunteer?
Check it out here

Another way to help us is with your donation or buy one of our merchandise items. All income from the Items sold goes to our Marine Life Conservation Projects.

Are you interested in Scuba Diving? Come Join us at Poseidon Dive Center and do a Dive Course or Join us for a FunDive as a certified Diver.

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