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Nudibranch NFT Collection

I dropped my latest Nudibranch NFT Collection on OpenSea. All income goes towards Marine Conservation.

Unidentia aliciae CloseUp Nudibranch NFT Collection

Nudibranchs are a group of soft-bodied, marine gastropod molluscs which shed their shells after their larval stage. They are noted for their often extraordinary colours and striking forms. Currently, about 3,000 valid species of nudibranchs are known. Most of them are in a size range of 1-12cm (0.393-4.724 inch) in length.

You’ll find a small fact sheet in each description for the particular Fish/animal photographed.

We are a Marine Life Conservation Organization. All income goes towards our conservation and Protection Projects. To get more information please visit our dedicated Page.

Nudibranch NFT Collection on OpenSea

  • doriprismatica atromarginata
  • Phidiana militaris
  • Goniobranchus bombayanus nudibranch
  • Unidentia aliciae CloseUp
  • Hypselodoris pulchella Nudibranch
  • Goniobranchus geminus

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