Manta Ray with Andy
Giant Manta Ray with Andy
Blacktip Reef Shark
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Dive Course Pool
Phidiana militaris
Shark friends

Welcome to Poseidon Dive Center Ao Nang

Experience the fascination of Scuba Diving

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Giant Manta Ray with Andy

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Here are a few impressions from our Dives

Experience the fascination of Scuba Diving with Poseidon Dive Center Ao Nang Krabi Thailand

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  • Poseidon Dive Center is located in Ao Nang, Province of Krabi, Thailand and run by Daniel Sasse and his amazing Team!
  • We are all about Marine Life Conservation and giving our Customers a great education and experience in Scuba Diving.
What our Customers say

Exceptional team at Poseidon Dive Center, protecting nature, taking care of all the divers, giving a lot of information on environment and fauna and, first of all, in security… We will come back next year !! Thanks a lot for this exceptional moments, a real dream. Thank you so much for this trip …it really was like a dream with zebra sharks, reef sharks, sea snakes, turtles… a super team to guide us, a real pleasure!!! thank you so much, and, please, keep a place for our diving club, next year in March Kind regards, Sabine Vanhaelen


Sabine Vanhaelen

As a solo traveller, I have planned my trip to Thailand few months in advance. I researched all local diving centres in Ao Nang and came across Poseidon. Loved the fact that they care about the maritime life and the environment. I have enquired about CMAS * course and they’ve replied immediately (despite big time difference) and my course was booked. When I got to Ao Nang, I visited the centre few days prior my course, Danny was very welcoming and explained few things before the start.

I was very lucky as I had 1:1 course and my instructor Andy was amazing, very patient, really friendly and welcoming. They looked after me really well and helped childhood dream come true! I had amazing 5 dives around local islands, seeing wonders of the underwater world! Corals, fishes, sharks and sea snakes and much much more! I was gutted, I couldn’t make any other dives with them as I had my trip fully packed with excursions and site seeing. I highly recommend this diving centre as guys are absolutely amazing! I’ll be definitely coming back to this area and dive with them again!



In addition to the magical dives on exceptional sites (Phi Phi, …) very experienced instructors are also highly involved in the preservation of marine fauna.
On the logistical side, everything is provided (Thai meals, drinks).
The team is charming and attentive.
The prices are adapted to each destination.
Many thanks to Daniel, Bell, and the whole team for allowing me to live these unique moments.


Alexandre Vicq

Zebra Sharks (Stegostoma fasciatum) are the most beautiful Sharks we can see here while scuba diving!

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Poseidon not only a Dive Center

If you’d like to join Poseidon Dive Center as a Marine Life Conservation Volunteer Check out this video.

Daniel Sasse

runs Poseidon Dive Center since 2006 and is a passionate and professional scuba Instructor and underwater photographer with a huge knowledge about the protection of marine life. He has countless dives, 20 years of experience and brings this knowledge into various environmental protection projects.

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