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Fun Diving Ao Nang Krabi

Fun Diving in Ao Nang Krabi with Poseidon Dive Center

All our Fun dives are guided dives and include Dive & Fish-Briefing, all Equipment as well as food and drinks.
Maximum ratio between certified divers and Instructor/Dive-Guide is 4:1

The only way to succeed is to keep the groups as small as possible so our Guests have the full and undivided attention of our professional Dive Instructors!!!
There are a couple of different choices you can choose from. Here are the descriptions and Maps to some of our beautiful Dive Sites!

Marine National Park Local Islands Ao Nang Krabi

Our dive trips take you to the most beautiful dive sites of the Andaman Sea.
With average water temperatures of 29° C, diving in these tropical waters is pure pleasure. We offer year round trips to the local dive sites of Ao Nang beach. Its a 30-40 minutes ride to the Islands, traveling by our relaxing Dive Boat PDC1.
There are 20 different Dive site choices but it always depends on weather current and waves to which Dive sites we are heading
Some popular Dive sites are Koh Sii, Koh Yawasam, Koh Talu also Cave and wreck diving is available.

Local Islands 2021 update

Koh Si and Koh Ha

Max. depth app. 20m The most famous dive sites around Ao-Nang beach. Journey time: 45 min. by boat. Things to see: hard plate and soft corals, a huge amount of small fish, nesting in the channels of the unique rock formations. There is also the chance to see blacktip reef sharks and even whale shark sightings now and then.

Koh Sii

Koh Ya Wa Bon (Cave Dive)

Max. depth app. 12m. This massive rock formation has a tunnel about 80 meters long running east to west. The highlight of the dive is a large air filled ‘chamber’ (cathedral) that you ascend into within the cave itself. Obviously you need to be a certified and experienced diver to dive the cave. Fun Diving as a certified advanced Diver is a must here

Koh Yawabon

Marine National Park Phi Phi Islands

We also offer all year round, day trips to the famous dive sites at the Marine National Park of Phi Phi Islands, on our large comfortable Dive Boat PDC1.
Its a 2 hour ride to the Phi Phi Islands, traveling.
There are another 20 different Dive sites to choose from but it always depends on weather current and waves to which Dive sites we are heading.
Some popular Dive sites are Koh Bida Nok and Nai Viking Cave and Hin Bida also Cave and wreck diving is available.

Phi Phi Islands 2021 update

Koh Bida Nok and Koh Bida Nai

Max. depth app. 28m. These dives sites are located south of Phi Phi Don. They are deep wall dives with terrace-like underwater formations. Many different kinds of corals can be seen e.g. Gorgonian Sea fans, which are home to many schools of fish, moray eels, sea snakes and even a turtle on a lucky day!

Koh Bida Nok

Hin Bida

Max depth app. 22m Far south of Phi Phi Island the reef Hin Bida is well known for its beautiful rock and coral formations, as well as a large variety of fishes. Usually Leopard Sharks can be seen here and during January to April there is a fairly good chance of spotting a Whale Shark too.

Hin Bida


We also offer all year round, day trips to the famous wreck Dive the King Cruiser and surrounding dive sites Anemone reef and Shark Point However since those Dive Sites are in the middle of nowhere we have to have very good weather and forecast otherwise it’s too dangerous to get to these dive sites as there is nothing hide behind. The next place is 2h away.
Its a 2 hour ride to the 3 Dive Sites


Wreck diving “King Cruiser”

Depth app. 15 to 30m. In May 1997 the passenger ferry ‘King Cruiser’ ran aground on Anemone Reef, on its way to Phuket. Fortunately all passengers were saved and the reef suffered no large damage. The largest wreck in South- East Asia, 87 meters in length, is home to a large diversity of marine life and the formation of an artificial reef is underway. This popular diving destination is for many divers the highlight of their vacation. Fun Diving as a certified advanced Diver is a must here.

King Cruiser wreck Dive Site

Shark Point

Max. depth app. 21m Shark point earns its name due to the number of harmless leopard sharks in the area. The dive site is split into three reef formations with many colorful soft corals, moray eels, scorpion fish and a wide variety of nudibranches. It is one of the most beautiful and exciting dive sites in the area. Fun Diving as a certified advanced Diver is a must here.


Anemone Reef

Max. depth app. 24m. Not surprisingly anemone reef is covered with anemones. The diver will be fascinated by this colorful site with its enormous variety of soft and hard corals. The large number of clown fish, stone fish and magnificent sepia guarantee the diver a beautiful reef diving experience. Fun Diving as a certified advanced Diver is a must here.

Anemone Reef

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