Cressi Dive Boot 5 mm

Top 10 Neoprene Booties

Neoprene booties also often called neoprene shoes. Are shoes that you can wear for diving or on the beach and for all water sports.

Neoprene booties should have some important product properties.

Toygogo Neoprene booties 5mm

Areas of use

Since these not only be worn for scuba diving, but also in all other common water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, fishing, kite surfing, wind surfing, surfing, sailing, triathlon, snorkeling, canyoning.

Main features

The neoprene booties have two main characteristics that they should meet. They should keep the foot warm and protect against injury.


The shoes are made of neoprene and, like the men’s and women’s neoprene suits, are available in different neoprene thicknesses. Mostly between 3-7mm.

Neoprene booties are made of neoprene. In technical fields, neoprene is known as chloroprene rubber or polychloroprene. At the molecular level, the material consists mainly of chlorine and hydrogen atoms. Production begins with a chemical reaction between chloroprene and other solutions.

The result of this reaction is flakes. These flakes can be further processed. In order to transform the solid synthetic rubber flakes into elastic rubber, it needs vulcanization. After the vulcanization the molecules can no longer move, the end result is elastic and will always spring back to its original shape.

In order to be able to sell neoprene as a fabric, the right and left side of a neoprene sheet are covered with fabrics, these can also be printed with colors or patterns.

Difference between men and women neoprene booties

In many parts of the diving equipment there is no difference between men and women, and the same applies to neoprene booties, most of which are unisex shoes.

Sole of Neoprene Booties

Yonsub Neopren Füßling 5mm

The sole should have a semi-rigid or even a solid outsole and a non-slip coating. If you have to step on sharp stones when entering the water so that they cannot penetrate the shoe through the neoprene and injure you or you can slip on the stones. In order to offer you enough protection for your feet even when walking over demanding terrain, the sole should have a proper profile.

High and mid-high shoes

Cressi Füßling-Badeschuhe MINORCA Short Dive Boot
Cressi half high neoprene booties

Neoprene Booties are available as high ones that go above the ankle and as half-high ones that only go below the ankle.

The high Neoprene Booties are always recommended so that the ankle is also protected from injuries.



Most booties come with a side zip to make it easier to get in and out. Especially when the shoes are wet and high or thick neoprene, it is not easy to get in or out of.

The coarse and rustproof mostly plastic zipper is underlaid with a smooth neoprene strip which reduces the water circulation to a minimum and does not cause irritation through the bare zipper.

Without Zipper

There are also models without a zipper. These are mostly half-height or very thin neoprene socks that are not too difficult to put on and take off because the elasticity is greater with smaller neoprene thicknesses. Be careful with thick 5 or even 7mm shoes without zippers – these are usually very difficult to put on and take off.

Toe cap

Zehenkappe Füssling

Many neoprene socks have an additional PU insert on the instep, also known as a toe cap, to prevent the toe(nails) from rubbing against the neoprene and chafing when doing finkicking or walking.

This insert or attachment makes the neoprene booties much more durable and also more stable.

Fin strap fixation


Many of the better neoprene booties have a rigid rubber notch (swelling) above the verse, also called a fin comb, to hold the fin strap and prevent it from slipping off when finkicking.

Fin straps often have a cutout or notch where this fin crest fits in.

Wet and semi-dry Version

There are wet and semi-dry versions of Neoprene booties the same as with neoprene wetsuits, because the neoprene booties are often used in cold water. There is a double smooth neoprene sealing strip on the top end of the semi dry neoprene booties which can be overlapped with the smooth neoprene sealing strip attached to the legs of the semi-dry neoprene suit, thus keeping the water circulation to a minimum keeping the foot warm.

Neoprene socks

But sometimes even the thick 7mm semi-dry neoprene booties are not enough in cold waters, so the so-called neoprene socks are used which, as the word suggests, are worn as socks inside the neoprene booties.

Neopren Socken
Neopren Socken

Neoprene socks are made of very elastic and durable 1.5mm-3mm thick neoprene and are provided with robust and tear-resistant seams. The neoprene socks are coated on the inside for easy on and off and for friction-free comfort.

In the case of socks, it is important to ensure that they have an extremely high shaft in order to be able to achieve a wide overlap of the leg cuffs of the neoprene suit.

What thickness of neoprene booties should I wear?

The water temperature is crucial here. The water temperature can be very low, especially with divers and surfers. At below 10°C, a material thickness of at least 7mm is recommended. In tropical waters, however, 3mm is completely sufficient.

Care and cleaning

After a dive in salt water, fresh water or swimming pool, you should always rinse the neoprene socks with fresh water and then dry them. However, depending on the climate, getting these dry inside is not easy in some areas of the world, so electric shoe dryers can be used.

The zips of the neoprene booties should be creamed with candle wax every now and then, as this extends the lifespan and makes it easier to close and open.

Theoretically, you can also clean neoprene booties in a washing machine, but you must ensure that you select a gentle program, such as a wool program. The temperature should not be higher than 30°C.

Neoprene should never be spun or dried in a tumble dryer.

Here is my list of the top 10 neoprene booties for 2020

Number #10

AQUALUNG Super Zip Ergo 6,5mm

Aqualung Super Zip Ergo 6,5mm
Aqualung Super Zip Ergo 6,5mm
  • New anatomically correct ERGO shaped footbed and outsole
  • Asymmetric toe, instep, and heel cap for added protection & durability
  • Standard neoprene upper with exterior thickness markings
  • Flexible vulcanized rubber outsole
  • Non-corrosive YKK heavy-duty zipper

Number #9

Promate Pacifica 5mm

Promate Pacifica 5mm
Promate Pacifica 5mm
  • Rubber sole
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Zipper & zipper guard
  • Toe & heel caps
  • Black rubber sole – Excellent traction

Number #8

Cressi Dive Boot 5 mm

Cressi Dive Boot 5 mm
Cressi Dive Boot 5 mm
  • Made from soft, double-lined neoprene
  • Built in sole to provide extra comfort.
  • Super elastic Neoprene to provide comfort.
  • Thickness of boot provides toughness while maintaining warmth.
  • Neoprene High Quality

Number #7

Promate 5mm Dreadnought Hard Sole

Promate 5mm Dreadnought Hard Sole
Promate 5mm Dreadnought Hard Sole
  • Thickness 5 mm neoprene upper is sturdy, comfortable, and warm in cool currents
  • YKK Zipper & zipper guard guarantee an easy, comfortable fit
  • High-Cut snorkeling and diving boot for protecting feet while wearing fins
  • Toe & heel caps and hard sole w/ excellent traction

Number #6

Seac Basic HD, Neopren Füßlinge 5mm

Seac Basic Neopren Füßling 5mm
Seac Basic Neopren Füßlinge 5mm
  • Comfortable boots made from 5mm neoprene to keep feet warm
  • High-traction semi-rigid soles grip tightly to surfaces
  • Instep protected by soft polyurethane padding
  • Strap-stop notch on heel
  • Nylon lining makes the boot easy to put on

Nummer #5

Mares Classic NG 5mm

Mares Trilastic 5mm
Mares Trilastic 5mm
  • 5mm Trilastic dive boot for colder waters
  • Comfortable hard sole for control and power
  • Rubber sole ensures sure grip
  • Zipper dam prevents water seepage
  • Toe & heel reinforced with vulcanized rubber

Number #4

Bare 7mm Ultrawarmth Boots

Bare 7mm Ultrawarmth Boots
Bare 7mm Ultrawarmth Boots
  • 7MM neoprene with low-loft
  • Celliant Technology in inner fabric.
  • 5MM ELASTEK neoprene around upper calf with fused-cut edges for comfortable fit
  • Heavy-duty sole for added durability and stability
  • Heavy-duty zipper with wide gusset for easy entry
  • Durable toe and heel cap

Nummer #3

SCUBAPRO Heavy Duty Füßlinge 6,5mm

SCUBAPRO Heavy Duty Boot 6,5mm
SCUBAPRO Heavy Duty Boot 6,5mm
  • Built to handle the tough stuff, the boots feature reinforced toes and heels and a substantial molded rubber sole.
  • Scuba two-sided 6. 5mm nylon/Neoprene construction and diamond span interior is durable, comfortable and warm, making it ideal for cold water and harsh conditions.
  • The heavy-duty, anti-slip rubber sole is safe on slick boat decks, sharp rocks, and craggy surfaces alike.
  • Driven to constantly innovate and improve the diving experience,
  • Easily secure the boots with the side zipper and Velcro zipper-end patch; weighs 1. 6 pounds (pair); One-year .

Nummer #2

Cressi Isla Booties in 5 and 7mm

Cressi Isla Boots
Cressi Isla Boots
  • Built in sole to provide extra comfort.
  • Super elastic Neoprene to provide comfort.
  • Thickness of boot provides toughness while maintaining warmth.
  • Built in fin strap holder.
  • 5 and 7mm Neoprene construction
  • 3 colors available

Nummer #1

Seac PRO HD Neopren Füßlinge 6mm

Seac PRO HD Diving Boots 6mm
Seac PRO HD Diving Boots 6mm
  • Fully protective wetsuit boots with rigidly molded, high-grip sole
  • Easy-to-grip zipper and reinforced hook-and-loop closure
  • Excellent arch support; heel air bubble helps reduce stress
  • 6mm neoprene is great for cooler waters (50 to 60 degrees F)

Additional equipment for neoprene Booties

Neoprene Socks

Neopren Socken
Neopren Socks
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Skyone wetsuits diving fin sock made with 3MM premium neoprene to give you a flexible and comfortable fit, you have less restrictions and less foot fatigue during water sports
  • PROTECTION: With anti-slip design on sole and warm thermal materials to protect your foots from hurt by rocks or other sharp objects and keep warm while underwater, can be worn together with regular booties for added warmth in very cold water, just enjoy it
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Hi-grip textured construction, wonderful for beach, snorkeling, swimming, scuba, surfing, sailing, kayaking, diving, perfect gift idea for mother, father, family, friends, lover…ect
  • DURABLE: Glued and blind stitched for superior strength and durability, don’t worry about ripped, it will be a long term partner for you
  • FULL COVERAGE: 150% high stretch and excellent recovery, can be fitted and adjusted all size available for men, women or kids in S, M, L, XL, please choose the size according to your feet length and reference to our size table image, However, due to everyone’s foot shape is difference and measuring tolerance ±2cm allowed, if you feel not fit for your size, please simply contact with us freely and we will offer you a replacement or a refund, Click the ‘Add to Cart’ now!

Boots Dryer and warmer

Boots Dryer and warmer
  • Eliminates Damp & Odor Optimum heat circulation effectively eliminates moisture, damp, sweat, and odor in shoes. Getting caught in a rain? Don’t be upset. Dr. Prepare boot dryer is ready to restore your soggy shoes to dryness and comfort.
  • All-Purpose Dr. Prepare shoe dryer is suitable for different kinds of shoes like boots, sneakers, flats, oxfords, kid’s shoes. It works perfect for gloves, hats, socks, helmets, berets as well.
  • Quick Drying With 104-122 (℉) constant heat, this boot dryers with heat blower quickly dry your shoes and boots in a few minutes.
  • Intelligent Timer Set different working time for different kinds of shoes. Easy to reduce power consumption.
  • Folding Design
  • 90° folding design assures great portability and easy storage, this boot warmer dryer is perfect to take on any hiking or backpacking trip. It’s good for foot health and shoe maintenance, extending the life of your valuable gear.

This was my Dive gear guide and the list of the top 10 best neoprene Booties for 2020! I hope you enjoyed it and if so, please share the article or leave us a comment.

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