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In our Dive Equipment Guide we explain what you need to consider before buying. Information for beginners and advanced divers. Choose your topic.

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Dive Equipment Guide topics:

Scuba Divng Mask

Read all about Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Masks and their important features.

Frameless Mask

As a class, frameless masks tend to be lighter, offer a very small profile and therefore are lower in volume.

Freediving Mask

Different from Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Masks the volume in Freediving Masks must be as small as possible! These Masks can also be used for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Two-Lens Mask

A two-lens mask as the word already explains has two separate glass lenses which can easily be changed to prescription lenses.

Full Face Snorkel Mask

Full Face Snorkel Mask is a type of snorkeling mask that seals the whole of a snorkelers face from the water and contains an integrated Snorkel. not suitable for Scuba or Freediving!

Regular Snorkel

What kind of Snorkel should I buy?
Considering of what kind of Water Sport you do. Buying guide

Simple Snorkel

It all started with the Simple Snorkel back in the days where there is not much to it hence the word “Simple”. A Plastic tube and a mouth piece.

Dry Snorkel

Dry Snorkel use a one way Valve system, which is located on the bottom and lets you clear the water out much more easily than with any other snorkel.

Swimmer Snorkel

A Swimmers Snorkel differs from a normal Snorkel. For a Swimmer it’s important to be as streamlined as possible! Hence the Snorkel is not side-mounted.

Scuba Diving Fins

Buying and Information guide for Scuba Diving Fins. Here is a list of our Top 10 recommended Scuba Diving Fins.

Full Foot Fins

are also called pool fins or Swimming fins and are shaped like a shoe, are worn barefoot and therefore only used for warm water.

Freediving fins

Apnea fins or freediving fins are fins with very long blades. We explain what to watch out for in freediving fins.

Mono Fin

A mono fin is typically used in fin-swimming and free-diving. It consists of a single surface attached to foot pockets for both the free-diver’s feet.

Neoprene booties

also often called neoprene shoes. Are shoes that you can wear for Scuba Diving on the beach and for all other water sports.

Mask and Snorkel Sets

When you start snorkeling or Scuba Diving there are tempting offers of Mask and Snorkel Sets but be careful! We explain why!

Mask, Snorkel and Fin Set

You can buy each item of a Mask Snorkel and Fin separate but you can also buy a Mask Snorkel and Fin set. However the quality of a set is often not as good!


A scuba Diving regulator is a device that lets you breath underwater. Awesome Aquaman! This is a guide on the different types of Regulator and which one is best for you!

Scuba Regulator Bag

If you would like to carry your Dive Regulator you have to have a Scuba Regulator bag to protect your most expensive Equipment part.


Buoyancy control device in short BCD, or jacket, is a system that allows a diver to control his or her neutral hovering while scuba diving.

Underwater Cameras

Buying and Equipment guide for Action and Underwater Cameras still and video. With and without underwater housing.

Smartphone Underwater Housing

Why buying a separate underwater camera when you can get an underwater housing for your Smartphone?!

Underwater Video Light

If you are an avid Underwater Videographer you know you’ll need a bright underwater Video light to get the most out of your footage.

Underwater Flashlight

In this guide we’ll explain and guide you through to buying the best underwater flashlight for your needs.

Dive Computer

Wrist Computer, Multi-Gas, Air integrated, CCR or Recreational Dive Computer. We’ll show you the best and latest Dive Computer.

Men Wetsuit

Long 3-5mm

Women Wetsuit

Long 3-5mm

Men Shorty Wetsuit

Short 1.5-3mm

Women Shorty Wetsuit

Short 1.5-3mm

Men Swim Trunks

Women Board Shorts

Dive Knife

Why does a Diver or Snorkeler need a Dive Knife? Back in the days it was a tool nowadays it’s for something different! Read here what its for!

Surface Marker Buoy

Names like safety sausage, safety buoy, SMB which stands for surface marker buoy are common.

Dry Bags and Backpacks

Dry Bags and Backpacks are bags which are water-seal and can be used in rain and for swimming without getting any moisture inside the bag.

Duffel Bags

are great to transport your Dive Equipment but what if they would even be waterproof. They great for trips with your push or Motorbike too.

Mesh bags

are Multi purpose lightweight easy to carry and can be rolled up to a very small piece for traveling.

Dive Bag Trolleys

To securely transport your Equipment it is great to have a proper Dive Bag Trolley. Roll it carry it or use it like a backpack.

Underwater Scooter

Can you take a scooter underwater? Probably once! However these ones are specially designed underwater Scooter for Scuba Diving and snorkeling to minimize your effort.

Underwater Drones ROV

Always wanted to find treasures underwater? Here is one great solution an Underwater drone or ROV remotely operated vehicle.

Stand Up Paddle Board iSUP

Fastest growing watersport it’s fun and a great exercise. A Stand Up Paddle Board can be hard or inflatable. We’ll figure out which fits you best.

Snorkeling Mask

There is not much difference between a Snorkeling Mask and a Scuba Diving Mask. Both should come with a silicone skirt and tempered glass lenses.

Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles are glasses without a nosepiece with which you can see underwater and prevent eye irritation, for example from chlorinated swimming pool water.

Beach Trekking Shoes

Water shoes are also called beach or swimming shoes. Why these are important to wear nowadays is easy to explain!

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