Speedo Unisex Fastskin Elite Schwimmbrille

Top 10 swimming goggles

Swimming goggles are glasses without a nosepiece with which you can see underwater and prevent eye irritation, for example from chlorinated swimming pool water.

Arena schwimmbrille

NOT for Scuba or Freediving

These goggles are only suitable for swimming on the surface!

The first model for competitive swimming was featured in an advertisement in Swimming World magazine in 1968. The advantage of swimming goggles is that you can exhale through your nose while swimming.

Correct putting on

To put them on correctly, ensure that the glasses are placed on the eye area with both hands and then the headband is pulled over the back of the head. In the opposite case, the half-shells could snap back through the elastic band if they slip and possibly cause eye injuries. To remove it, you should therefore first pull the elastic band from the back to the front and then remove the glasses.


Schwimmbrille Gläser

The lenses of swimming goggles are usually made of polycarbonate. The crystal-clear, almost amorphous, thermoplastic material is free from plasticizers and does not outgas. However, these are very sensitive to mechanical stress and scratching and should therefore be kept in a hard box if possible.

Prescription Goggles are available for near- and farsighted!

Speedo prescription lenses Optical Vanquisher 2.0

Swimming Goggles are also available with prescription for nearsighted! You can choose for your needs!

They are available from -1.5 to -7.0

Swimming goggles farsighted prescription lenses

Swimming Goggles are also available with prescription for farsighted! You can choose for your needs!

They are available from +2.0 to +8.0


New innovative materials and construction methods reduce water resistance and improve visibility. Increased comfort and durability.

Nose bridge

With some more expensive and more advanced swimming goggles, the nose bridge can be exchanged for narrower or wider bridges, depending on the size of the nasal prongs.

Head band

Schwimmbrille Kopfband

The headband is made of elastic rubber and is best divided into two pieces at the back of the head in order to attach one of the straps high and the other low to the head to ensure a stable hold of the goggles.

Silicone seal

The swimming goggles should have a silicone seal on the lenses in order to have a good seal against water.

Sweden goggles

Arena schwedenbrille

Sweden goggles are special swimming goggles that are mainly used in competitive swimming and have very low water resistance.

It consists only of two polycarbonate hard plastic shells, which are connected with a rubber band and a plastic tube as a noseband, and is therefore very easy to adjust. After a while in the water, the elastic becomes porous and needs to be replaced. These kind of googles are cheap to buy.

Sweden goggles have a hard rim and no seal. Therefore it fits very well, but is not comfortable and compatible for everyone.

Bigger Lenses

Cressi Planet Premium Erwachsene Schwimmbrille

People who do not like small goggles or the silicone seal near the eyes you are in luck there are also alternatives on the market. These swimming goggles seal the face with a silicone rim.

These swimming goggles are also not suitable for scuba divers, freediving or snorkeling!

Storage box

Arena schwimmbrillen hartschalen box

Hard boxes or hard cases are the best for storing your swimming goggles. The inside of the boxes are mostly covered with fluffy material and scratching your goggles inside the box is almost impossible! It is also protected from being squeezed by the weight of other objects.

As an alternative, microfiber bags, which are often included, are not recommended.

Care instructions

Cleaning should be done with clear, cold water. Swimming goggles are provided with an anti-fog coating on the inside by the manufacturer. This does not allow drying – not even with a microfiber cloth. Over time the effect wears off, instead you can use special sprays or saliva

Difference between swimming goggles and diving mask

Swimming goggles are not a diving mask! The diving mask can be filled with air at any time under water through the nose pocket to prevent mask squeeze (barotrauma). Diving down creates an increased pressure in the diving mask, which can be compensated for by exhaling through the nose into the Masks nose pocket.

This pressure equalization is not possible with swimming goggles, which is why they are used only for swimming on the water surface and not for diving. Swimming goggles should never be used to submerge to prevent Mask squeeze (barotrauma) of the eyes. The negative pressure that arises when diving in swimming goggles can lead to ruptured blood vessels in the eyeball or even to a detachment of the retina.

Here are our top 10 swimming goggles

Number #10

ZIONOR Swim Goggles

ZIONOR Swimming Goggles
  • Special Polarized Lens – ZIONOR swim goggles featured with polarized lens, provides better eyes protection against harmful UV rays and lights, restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered light, for outdoor swimming, surfing, kayaking and other water related sports
  • Comfortable Wearing – This swimming goggles come with soft and flexible silicone gasket, adjustable split head strap, TPR ergonomic nose bridge, provides excellent suction and ensure non-slip coverage, that is designed to fit a wider range of face shapes for both women and men
  • Anti-fog and Leakproof – The polarized swim goggles also feature an enhanced anti-fog technology that can ensure clear vision and protect your eyes, the 3D double seal frame provides excellent fit and water resistance, making them great for both indoor and outdoor training
  • Panoramic Clear Vision – The swim goggles made with curved and HD lenses, provides better light transmission, allow for better clarity and enhanced unobstructed peripheral vision under water. You can enjoy swimming without any obstacles and stay safe at all times
  • Solid and Durable – ZIONOR swim goggles are made of premium silicone and polycarbonate. Silicone frame is pretty durable, soft and flexible. Polycarbonate lenses are resistant to cracking and not easily deformed

Number #9

Cressi Skylight Swimming Googles

Cressi Skylight Swim Goggles Premium
  • Perfect swim mask for recreational and open water swimming
  • Mono-lens technology ensures maximum comfort without the irritation of a regular goggle
  • Maximized peripheral view
  • Internal anti–fog treatment
  • Scratch-resistant and shatterproof
  • 100% anti-UV
  • Silicone strap provides a secure and stable fit
  • Available in mirrored and tinted lenses for outdoor swimming.

Number #8

Cressi Planet Premium Schwimmbrille

Cressi Planet Premium Erwachsene Schwimmbrille
  • Adult swimming mask, for ladies and men, perfect for open water and recreational swimming
  • The soft silicone skirt adapts well to a wide range of face shapes. The silicone creates a snug and comfortable seal. The mask is available in tinted lenses
  • Shatterproof lenses offer 100% UV protection and are treated for scratch-resistance and anti-fog. 18° inclined lenses allow maximum visibility
  • Extremely durable interchangeable strap features patented buckles with micro-metric adjustment

Number #7

Swimming Goggles PHELRENA

Swimming Goggles PHELRENA
  • UV PROTECTION: PHELRENA 3d swimming goggles is professional racing goggles. The lenses block the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays and protect your eyes.
  • ANTI FOG: The inner surfaces of the lenses are anti-fog coated
  • NO LEAKING: Premium silicone material and Ergonomic design used on the goggles ensure a snug fit on different facial forms
  • REPLACEABLE NOSE BRIDGE: Considering that different people will have different height of nose pieces and one size of Nose Bridge can’t meet the needs of all people, so the swimming goggles provide 3 sizes replaceable nose bridge to meet the needs of different people. Elastic straps to make it more comfortable.
  • 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Yes, you read that correctly! We provide a LIFETIME GUARANTEE to all customers who purchase our swimming goggles. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, what we can do is to guarantee 100% refund to you. We are committed to our customers to provide the best swimming goggles, the most sincere after-sale service, let customers really enjoy the fun of buying.

Number #6

Arena “The One”

Arena The One Schwimmbrille
  • Comfortable unisex training and leisure goggles with universal fit and innovative seal, also suitable for triathlon and open water
  • Ideal seal and perfect fit thanks to manual size adjustment (strap length) and a self-adjusting nose bridge. Free of PVC and plasticizer
  • Care instructions: Rinse the glasses with clear water after each use and let them air dry. Never touch or wipe the inside of the glasses. Store the glasses in a microfiber bag for protection.
  • Hard glasses with UV protection and anti-fog coating (no fogging of the glasses), self-adjusting nose bridge, split headband (adjustable), PVC-free
  • 12 Colors available

Number #5

Arena Nimesis Crystal Swimming Googles

Arena Nimesis Crystal Schwimmbrille
  • High-quality, comfortable unisex training goggles – also suitable for triathlon and open water
  • Ideal seal and perfect fit through manual size adjustment (tape length). Free of PVC and plasticizer
  • Medium-sized and soft lenses with UV protection and anti-fog technology (no fogging of the lenses), extremely soft and durable silicone seal, self-adjusting nose bridge, split headband (adjustable), PVC-free
  • Care instructions: Rinse the swimming goggles with clear water after each use and let them air dry. Never touch or wipe the inside of the glasses. Keep the swimming goggles in a microfiber bag for protection

Number #4

Arena Competitive swimming googles Swedix

Arena schwedenbrille
  • HIGHLY PRACTICAL SWEDISH GOGGLES: The Swedix goggles feature the practicality of the classic Swedish goggles that everyone loves; Includes an all-new updated Swedish-type swimming goggles nose bridge for enhanced fit and comfort
  • ENHANCED VISION AND FIT: Added greater comfort (rubber coating) and enhanced vision (exclusive split lenses) to make these the perfect swimming goggles for training or racing
  • PROTECTIVE PERFORMANCE: Featuring hard, anti-fog and UV-protective lenses that perform their best when you need them the most
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: These swim goggles have a dual strap to ensure that they are adjusted the way you like for maximum comfort

Number #3

arteesol Swimming Goggles

arteesol Schwimmbrille
  • Bequemes Tragen Die weichen Silikondichtungen sind so ausgelegt, dass sie sich ausdehnen und zusammenziehen, um sich den einzigartigen Gesichtskonturen eines Schwimmers anzupassen und die richtige Saugkraft zu erzielen, ohne übermäßigen Druck auf die Augen auszuüben. Der abnehmbare Verschluss verhindert, dass sich Ihre Haare verheddern.
  • Kein undichtes Design Die Schwimmbrille von ARTEESOL verfügt über ein hochwertiges Silikonmaterial und ein ergonomisches Design, das eine perfekte Passform für verschiedene Gesichtsformen gewährleistet und das Eindringen von Wasser verhindert.
  • Antibeschlag Die Innenseiten der Gläser sind mit der neuesten Umwelttechnologie beschichtet, die die Antibeschlagfähigkeit der Schutzbrille maximal verbessert und Ihrem Körper keinen Schaden zufügt. Es gibt eine klarere Sicht, wenn Sie im Freien schwimmen.
  • 180°-Panoramablick Weitwinkelobjektive aus Polycarbonat mit Anti-Fog-Beschichtung und 100% UV-Schutz für das beste 180 ° -Sichtfeld und unverzerrte Optik unter Wasser.
  • Produkte & Service Die ARTEESOL Schwimmbrille wird mit einer Schutzhülle und einem Paar Ohrstöpsel geliefert. Sie erhalten 18 Monate Garantie und besten Kundenservice.

Number #2

Speedo Fastskin Pure Focus Mirror Goggle

Speedo Fastskin Pure Focus Mirror Goggle
  • Iqfit 3D glasses seal for a waterproof, secure fit and fewer pressure points on the eyes
  • IQfit goggle strap with patented tensioning scale for a unique and individual fit
  • Hydroscopic lens profile for maximum peripheral vision with minimal head movement
  • Fit-point markers help with the precise adjustment of glasses and cap before a competition, without a mirror

Number #1

arena Cobra Core Swim Goggles

arena Cobra Core Swim Goggles
  • Finish fog-free and in gold with the most advanced anti-fog protection ever Swipe Anti-Fog technology extends the life of your goggles by restoring the anti-fog protection to pristine condition
  • When goggles become foggy activate the revolutionary Swipe anti-fog protective film by gently swiping the inner lenses five times with your fingertip while the goggles are in the water
  • The existing anti-fog treatment in arena’s Cobra family of goggles is already one of the best available but you can now keep that out-of-the-box new goggle feeling 10 times longer
  • Wide vision and maximum comfort at top speed with mirror lenses
  • Hard mirror polycarbonate lens Includes 3 adjustable nose bridges Small Medium and Large for tailored fit and lens gasket placement

Additional Equipment

Swim training equipment

Bolster Paddles

Alignment Swim Training Kickboard

Swimmers Snorkel


Hard case

Arena schwimmbrillen hartschalen box
  • 95% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, 5% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Perfect for the ultimate protection of your goggles
  • Made of deluxe EVA material; PVC-Free
  • Carry Clip conveniently attaches to bag
  • Size: 7.5″ x 4″ x 1.5″
  • Composition: 95% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate 5% Polyester
  • 5 Colors available

Swim Cap

Badekappe Arena
  • 100% Silicone
  • Imported
  • PVC-Free flat molded silicone swim cap by arena
  • Classic fit forms to a smooth, soft comfortable fit
  • Good for everyday use and training
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Composition: 100% Silicone
  • Sport type: Water Sports

Anti Fog Spray

Anti fog reefsafe
  • Professional Strength Anti Fog Formula Is safe to use on snorkeling masks, diving goggles, skiing goggles, safety glasses, swimming goggles, or any glass or plastic lenses!
  • Fast and Easy Application for Dive Masks & Goggles] For Dive Masks & Goggles, safety goggles, ski goggles, sports masks and more: Apply a small amount on the inside of the lenses and lightly rinse or gently buff with soft lens cloth.
  • Non-abrasive & Safe for Glass and Plastic Lenses This defogger is non abrasive and safe for use on all glass and plastic lenses.
  • Ocean Safe; Alcohol, & Ammonia Free Like all of our products our Antifog has been tested and proven safe for humans, freshwater and saltwater marine life making it 100% Reef Safe for use in any body of water.
  • Long Lasting Clarity Our Antifog formula will help you see clearer for longer when under the water.

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