Underwater Gallery

See our underwater Gallery. Pictures taken by Daniel Sasse.

Yellow edged moray

20 Best of Underwater Photographs by Daniel Sasse

Portfolio of Daniel Sasse. He is an award winning Underwater Photographer and has 25 years experience in teaching scuba diving and uw-photography Best of underwater Photography Portfolio of Daniel Sasse […]

Unidentia aliciae images sous-marines de Daniel Sasse

Nudibranch at Local Islands

Here are some Pictures of the nudibranch we have in Ao Nang. The variety is much higher as soon as we have new Pictures from our Nudibranches we will add […]

Zebra Shark

Sharks in Ao Nang

Our most common Sharks in Ao Nang These are the sharks we frequently see in Ao Nang and Phi Phi Islands. Sharks are vulnerable most of them are even endangered […]

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