Competitor Monofins

Best Mono Fins 2020

A mono fin is typically used in fin-swimming and free-diving. It consists of a single surface attached to foot pockets for both the free-diver’s feet.

Competitor Monofins

Mono fins can be made of glass fiber or carbon fiber. The diver’s muscle power and swimming style, and the type of activity the mono fin is used for, determine the choice of size, stiffness, and materials.
This type of fin is not used in Scuba Diving.

The arrival of the monofin in the early 1970s led to the breaking of all finswimming world records by the end of the decade due to the improved performance possible when used instead of two ordinary swimfins.

The monofin swimmer extends arms forward, locking hands together, locking the head between the biceps. The undulating movement starts in the shoulders, with maximum amplitude towards the hips; the legs almost don’t bend to transfer the movement to the monofin. This technique is called the dolphin kick.

By slowly oscillating the surface of the monofin when submerged, divers can generate large amounts of thrust even with small or slow movements. This preserves energy which helps when breathholding.

Most monofins consist of a single, wide, glass or carbon fiber reinforced composite blade with graded flexibility, attached to the diver by two rubber foot pockets. The leading edge may be thickened and faired. The blade flexibility is generally controlled by tapering the amount of fibre and thickness of the blade to make the trailing edge thinner and more flexible.

They are often self- and handmade because there are not many choices on the market.

Here are a few recommended mono fins

Finis Competitor Mono Fins

Competitor Monofins
Competitor Monofins
  • Ideal for professional free divers, fin swimmers and water sports enthusiasts.
  • Made of a durable rubber foot pocket and a hand-tapered, fiberglass blade.
  • Allows you to achieve speeds of up to 3.3 meters/second (7.4 mph, 11.9 km/hr) in the water.
  • Tension in the fiberglass creates a compounded resistance for maximum propulsion.
  • Hand tapered blade creates a whip-like action at the end of the kick.

Finis Shooter Mono Fin

Finis Shooter Monofin
Finis Shooter Monofin
  • Short and stiff blade allows for race pace tempo
  • Builds core muscles including abs, lower back, quads and gluteus
  • Ideal for butterfly training to maintain a strong, composed stroke
  • Great for improving flexibility in the feet and ankles
  • Works well for breaststroke drills, backstroke underwater work and side kicking
  • Sport type: Swimming

FINIS Rapid Monofin

FINIS Rapid Monofin
FINIS Rapid Monofin
  • FLEXIBLE BLADE: Makes swimming more fun and enjoyable while obtaining a great core and leg workout
  • SINGLE BLADE DESIGN: Encourages proper kick undulation needed for an efficient dolphin kick; Technique channels control the flex of the fin
  • STABILITY RIDGE: Built for proper flexion and speed
  • RECREATIONAL MONOFIN: Designed for teenagers and adults; Open toe and heel design fits a wide range of foot sizes
  • QUICK RELEASE: Strap configuration allows feet to be quickly removed from fin for safety

Description of the different types of Fins:

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