Mares Pure Instinct Snorkel Dual (Black)

Best Simple Snorkel 2020

It all started with the Simple Snorkel back in the days where there is not much to it hence the word “Simple”. A Plastic tube and a mouth piece.

Simple Snorkel

The Simple Snorkel is just a bent tube with a silicone mouth piece at the end so clearing it out, if there is water inside is much harder than on a Snorkel with purge valve.

They are still around today as well as preferred by many including me.

When water enters the Snorkel it will stay in until you give it a hard blow and all the water sprays out on top of the snorkel.

The snorkel is sometimes not empty after the first blow and that’s where it gets a little hard as you have to slowly breath in and surpass the water still remaining in the snorkel. That only works if there isn’t too much water inside.

If there is still water left in the snorkel at the surface and you can’t bypass it or don’t have enough air to blow a second time obviously you can still remove it from your mouth and empty it that way but you might have lost sight to that beautiful turtle you were just watching.

Snorkel designs vary based on bore diameter and length, and should be chosen based on a snorkeler’s needs and body type.

The bore should not exceed 1 inch (2,5 cm).
Max Length of snorkels should not exceed 12 to 18 inches (30-45cm)

Westcoast Snorkel

Bairuifu Snorkel
Bairuifu Snorkel
  • BASIC DIVING EQUIPMENT:This snorkel is designed specifically for freediving, spearfishing ,scuba diving and snorkeling.
  • FLEXIBLE SNORKEL TUBE: Made of 100% food grade silicone, soft silicone mouthpiece fits into the end, this is a swivel mouthpiece so it can be placed at the correct angle for comfortable and long use.
  • EASILY ATTACH TO ANY SNORKEL MASK: Special designed snorkel clip can easily attach to any diving mask and will not drop off.
  • EASY-BREATH SNORKEL: J-tube style design provides easier clearing capability, without annoying purge, can blow out water easily.

Scubapro Simple Snorkel

Scubapro Apnea Diving Snorkel
Scubapro Snorkel
  • Made from flexible, non-toxic silicone
  • The upper barrel on this versatile surface breather can be removed if you prefer to use a shorter pipe
  • Easily attaches to your mask strap when being used
  • Can be folded and stowed in an accessory pocket

Kraken Aquatics Snorkel

Kraken Aquatics Flexible Roll Up
Kraken Aquatics Flexible Roll Up
  • SIMPLE DESIGN for FLEXIBILITY and DURABILITY: You’ll never have to worry about our roll up pocket snorkel failing when you need it. Our flexible silicone snorkel has a J-tube style design made from black silicone that is comfortable, easy to use, reliable and built to last.
  • EASY STORAGE and TRAVELING: This compact snorkel quickly rolls up into the included storage case for easy traveling and storage.
  • ESSENTIAL DIVING GEAR: Perfect folding snorkel for freediving, spearfishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. A must have for any freediver, scuba diver, instructor or student.
  • SILICONE SNORKEL KEEPER: A very simple snorkel keeper comes included which allows you to easily attach your dive mask securely to the flexible snorkel.
  • STORAGE CASE COMES INCLUDED: This compact snorkel quickly rolls up into the included round storage case and easily fits into any BCD pocket, gear bag, pack or suitcase for easy traveling and storage. Save a lot of precious space with this collapsible snorkel.

Mares Dual Snorkel

Mares Pure Instinct Snorkel Dual (Black)
Mares Pure Instinct Snorkel Dual (Black)
  • Optimized diameter and length to prevent air turbulence caused by emptying
  • Constructed from bi-materials with different textures to prevent irritation on the nape of the neck as well as providing flexibility without interrupting air flow
  • Hydrodynamic design reduces vibrations and noise during underwater movements
  • Unparalleled Easy Breathing
  • Low Profile Hydrodynamic Snorkel Keeper

Cressi Corsica, Flexible Rubber Snorkel

Cressi Corsica Flexible green
Cressi Corsica Flexible green
  • The Corsica is the ideal snorkel for freediving, spearfishing and scuba diving. Very light and comfortable.
  • Large diameter snorkel tube provides unobstructed ease of breathing.
  • Soft bendable snorkel tube to maintain proper and comfortable positioning.
  • Specially designed and molded u-bend provides easier clearing capability.
  • Anatomical hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece provides extreme comfort during prolonged use.
  • It is ultra flexible and can be folded and stored in the BCD pocket.
  • The Corsica is designed and made in Italy by Cressi, a brand pioneer in freediving, spearfishing and scuba diving equipment since 1946.

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