Giant Moray cleaning station

Moray Eel with transparent cleaner shrimp in 4K

Premiere today on 28.11.2020 at 08:15pm (GMT +7). Giant Moray eel with transparent cleaner shrimps. Awesome video Don’t miss it!

After a long break due to covid19 we have been out diving again and we have seen a Moray eel on a cleaning station with a few transparent Cleaner shrimp, cleaning the moray eel.

Cleaner shrimp are so called because they exhibit a cleaning symbiosis with client fish where the shrimp clean parasites from the fish. The fish benefit by having parasites removed from them, and the shrimp gain the nutritional value of the parasites.

The shrimp also eat the mucus and parasites around the wounds of injured fish, which reduces infections and helps healing. The action of cleansing further aids the health of client fish by reducing their stress levels. In many coral reefs, cleaner shrimp congregate at cleaning stations.

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Giant Moray eel cleaning station Gymnothorax javanicus
Giant Moray cleaning station

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