Surface rubbish cleanup Ocean

Ocean Surface cleanup

Ocean Surface Cleanup at Ao Nang Krabi Thailand Phi Phi Islands

Ocean Surface cleanup
Ocean Surface cleanup

Not all of the plastic sinks it’ll float on the surface and is often pushed together in big patches by current and waves. Often Marinelife will try to eat it as they don’t know what it is. Once eaten it can not be digested and will often remain in the guts. Marinelife mostly will starve to death due to their stomach is filled up with indigestible plastic as well as microplastic which will go into their organs and humans will eat fish again, it’s a circle isn’t it?

Scientist already found microplastic in human organs. Not only anymore in our stomach as it was discovered in the early year of 2008.
This patch of plastic we found at phi phi islands. It took us over 2h to do a Ocean surface Cleanup.

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