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World Octopus Day

On the 8th of October is World Octopus Day here are some Pictures and facts about the species.

  • Around 300 species are recognized
  • Most species grow quickly, mature early, and are short-lived.
  • In most species, the male uses a specially adapted arm to deliver a bundle of sperm directly into the female’s mantle cavity, after which he becomes senescent and dies, while the female deposits fertilized eggs in a den and cares for them until they hatch, after which she also dies.
  • Strategies to defend themselves against predators include the expulsion of ink, the use of camouflage and threat displays, the ability to jet quickly through the water and hide, and even deceit.
  • Octopuses have three hearts; a systemic heart that circulates blood around the body and two branchial hearts that pump it through each of the two gills.
  • Octopus blood is blue.

Picture contribution by Daniel Sasse to world octopus day

World Octopus day was invented to give the species more exposure and protection of their habitats.

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