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Earth Overshoot day

Earth Overshoot day is on 29th July 2019

Today is Earth overshoot day. July 29 marks Earth Overshoot Day (EOD), and for the rest of 2019 all the energy humanity uses is unsustainable in the long term.
It is the earliest that EOD has ever fallen, and means humans are using nature 1.75 times faster than Earth’s ecosystems can regenerate.
It means that in just seven months, humans have exhausted the amount of water, soil, clean air and other resources that the planet can generate in 2019, meaning from now until December all the energy we use is unsustainable in the long-term.
The extra waste we now produce cannot be absorbed and will cause harm, and we are using too many other natural resources – like eating fish, plant-based food and meat – too quickly. Reduce your carbon footprint!

There are easy ways to do so!
• Buy fish once a week (not 5 times).
• Eat fish from sustainable resources know where and how it has been caught! http://www.fishonline.org/
• Lower your own standards and carbon footprint.
• Turn off the water while soaping under the shower.
• Turn off lights which are not needed.
• Leave your car at home and take a walk or a bicycle.
• Don’t go to the Gym by car and then sit on the bike.
• Do not throw your rubbish over board or on the side of the street eventually it’ll end in our Oceans.
• If you have to use Plastic, use reusable Plastic containers
• Bring your own Bag to the Market
• Recycle
• Cut energy use at home
• Minimize waste
• Grow your own fruit, veg and herbs
• Install energy efficient appliances at home
• Compost
• Car pool and use public transport
• Go plastic free
• Buy from charity shops
• Cut down on meat consumption

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Earth Overshoot day 29th July 2019
Earth Overshoot day

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