Harlequin shrimp

Harlequin shrimp Scuba Diving Ao Nang

Harlequin shrimp (Hymenocera elegans) When it comes to males and females, the females are larger and have colored abdominal plates unlike the males. The only source of nutrition comes from starfish. They are very skilled at flipping over the slow starfish on its back, and eating the tube feet and soft tissues until it reaches the central disk. They, usually one female and one male, use their claws to pierce the tough skin and feeding legs to help them maneuver the starfish. Sometimes the starfish will shed the arm that the shrimp attacked and regrow (the shrimp can then re eat it). Taken by #Underwaterphotographer #DanielSasse

Harlequin shrimp
Harlequin shrimp

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