Roundspot Frogfish

Roundspot Frogfish

Roundspot Frogfish at Ao Nang Local Islands

Antennarius sanguineus Gill, 1863

Roundspot Frogfish

Common Names Sanguine frogfish, Bloody frogfish, Roundspot Frogfish

The Roundspot Frogfish Body is globular, somewhat compressed; “fish-pole” length about equal to length of second dorsal spine, “lure” an elongate, tapering appendage with slender filaments and a cluster of darkly pigmented round swellings at base; second dorsal spine strongly curved and free, not connected to head by membrane; 3rd  dorsal spine movable, not bound down by skin; a very large, upward directed mouth; limb-like pectoral fins with an “elbow” joint, that fin broadly connected to body; a small round gill opening, below and behind pectoral base; with a short tail base; pelvic fins short; skin of body rough, covered with close-set, double-pointed spicules.

Yellow or yellow brown to reddish with brown spotting and mottling; belly with conspicuous brown spots; sometimes a weak ocellus or dark round spot below posterior part of dorsal fin.

Size: attains 10 cm.

Habitat: rocky bottoms.

Depth: 1-40 m.

Note: Recently move to the genus Antennatus.

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